President & CEO



As a young engineer, hungry of knowledge and a new experience, eager to prove myself, I clearly knew that PUTEVI can feed my need for success. For me, PUTEVI was a golden wagon I managed to hop on, and the devoted and day-to-day work enabled me to go from that wagon to the rudder, accelerate the entire composition and get where I am heading to. The desire for a better, better quality and more beautiful was the eternal imperative in my everyday work. Today, after 40 years at the head of PUTEVI, I am happy to publicly thank all my colleagues and associates, business partners and investors for cooperation, understanding, patience and faith in me and my company. Also, I want to thank my family for support and understanding, especially my wife Vesna, who has had a dual role in the upbringing of our children – she was both mother and father to them. I am proud that PUTEVI today, after 50 years of existence, have become a synonym for good construction and quality. The average age structure in the company is 35 years, and young people and the youth who are running and sustaining everything are the engine that never stops, and with this youth and all this strength, I have remained permanently ready for new challenges and ventures. I am also pleased that I personally and my company have managed to help people who needed help.


Sincerely yours,
Vasilije Micic, President & CEO