About the company

It was founded in 1961. The largest company with half a century long history and impeccable reputation continues developing actively.

The construction geography of the Putevi Company extends from North Africa to Asia, with offices in Algeria, Italy, Russia, Serbia and others.

The company started operating in Sochi in 1994, where it has consolidated and took a leading position in the construction of large facilities, gaining the reputation of a competent and responsible urban planner. The Putevi Company erects grandiose facilities in the architectural sense, decorating the city of Sochi with special buildings.

The main advantage of the company is its highly qualified personnel.

The number of employees is 800 workers in Russian Federation – graduated engineers, highly qualified builders, who turn the most complicated projects into reality with a high level of responsibility. Some of the most creative designers-project designers, graduates from European architectural faculties work in the architectural studio of the Putevi Company, meeting the expectations of the most demanding customers.

The company’s employees regularly participate in international specialized exhibitions in Europe and at European construction forums. The engineers-constructors exchange experience with their Western colleagues from America and attend significant construction events.

A large fleet of construction equipment and the availability of own production facilities (factory, studios, workshops) – gives the opportunity and an advantage to accelerated construction, relying on its own construction resources.

Relying on the skills of experienced experts in the Putevi Company, investors entrust them with their projects, which contain several phases.

The Putevi Construction Company – one of the most successful European companies is now entrusted with construction of a number of facilities within the program of preparing the city of Sochi for the XXII Winter Olympic Games 2014 and the XI Winter Paralympic Games and the development of Sochi as a mountain center.